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You can order the new, revised edition of  Rock & Roll Tour of the Jersey Shore, right here, using a credit card through PayPal. (To the e-mail address NJRockmap@aol.com)  Make sure you also e-mail your order to us so we can prepare to ship it as soon as the PayPal payment is made.

To  order  the  book  by  mail please make your check or money order payable to "NJRockMap." Print this page and enclose it with your order.

Shipping Instructions

Orders  for  delivery  within  the  United  States please add  $5.00  shipping  for up to two books, for Canada please add $20 shipping for up to two books, for Europe and other countries the shipping is $24 for the first two books. For more than two books please contact us via email for a price. Shipping to Canada and other countries may take two to three weeks (hopefully less). Your  e-mail  address  is  optional,  but will save time if there are questions about your order. Mail your orders (US only) with check or money order made payable to "NJ RockMap" to:

75 Whitefield Ave, #427
Ocean Grove, N.J.  07756-1814

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Stan and Jean

                                               PLEASE PRINT THIS PAGE AND INCLUDE WITH ALL MAIL ORDERS
If you want your book autographed by Stan and Jean, please note that, and they would be happy to sign your book.
Also note any personalized inscription you may want.

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